Growing up in an atmosphere in which knowledge and education are highly appreciated, I was always motivated to keep going and discover those aspects of science that have gone unnoticed. Besides, I believe in the quite, "when I terminate the learning process, that moment will be my death." As a matter of fact, It is appealing to me when I am learning and applying the knowledge to solve problems. During my B.Sc. studies in Mechanical Engineering, I found myself enthusiastic about dynamic, control, and mechatronic courses, and challenges presented in that field of study. I tried to comprehend deeply my major courses, do perfectly my projects in order, and be creative in solving problems by mechatronic solution, in order to be useful in my future career. Meanwhile, I found myself passionate about the field of dynamic and control. Not only does this field cover my favourite subjects in Mechanical Engineering, but it also introduces a multidisciplinary interaction with other fields such as Electronics, Computer, and, even Bio-mechanics. In this regard, the interaction between a processor manipulating data onto a variety of actuator and sensors to control a system incredibly fascinates me. From that time, I have used programming solution in different issue which is my first strength.

Thanks to getting a very high score at Graduate National University Entrance Exam and my distinguish CV in comparison to other applicants, consequently been awarded a full scholarship to pursue my M.Sc. studies at the KNTU and Research Scholarship for my thesis cost. Although my courses were held at two different departments, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, I spend most of my time at Center of Excellence in Robotics and Control (ARAS) until late at night doing researches. In this regards, the 2.5-year period of my M.Sc. and working on my thesis taught me how to tackle problems from different angles and think independently. This experience provided me with extremely valuable outcomes: 1) How to think in a proper way on the problems to which there is no easy solution and may take much time to be solved. 2) How to efficiently manage time to carry out the arranged tasks over a time frame. 3) How to cooperate with other laboratory members to benefit from one's strength in the appropriate manner. Be consider that although the novelty of my thesis was about impedance control, I did not publish a relevant paper yet.

Finally, not only did my hard work lead us (Prof. Moosavian, me, and other laboratory members) to publish six papers, but also paved the way to get Creative Contest Scholarships Award at the Creativity Exhibition of the 3rd International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICROM), before I defended my thesis. Since my high successive academic records, I became the distinguished member of Iran's National Elites Foundation (INEF) and get Research Grants Award in order to continue researching and manufacturing robotic solution in the industries. These projects made me plan for future to become an academic person who has developed both theoretical and practical aspects of my research field. The period of being a Teaching Assistant (TA) at KNTU, working as industrial robotic engineer, proposing creative solution in dozen projects as well as mentoring Bachelor’s and Master's students in their projects related to mechatronics were all blissful to me and I can combine them with my interest in developing both theoretical and practical aspects of my research field. Researching about a great amount of issue and reading a great number of papers made me familiarize with the goal of research and hope that others do not misjudge me by just the application (such as cable robot) instead of my knowledge and skills.