Rehabilitation Robot

Rehabilitation robotics is a field of research dedicated to understanding and augmenting rehabilitation through the application of robotic devices. Rehabilitation robotics includes development of robotic devices tailored for assisting different sensorimotor functions (e.g. arm, hand, leg, ankle), development of different schemes of assisting therapeutic training, and assessment of sensorimotor performance (ability to move)[6] of patient; here, robots are used mainly as therapy aids instead of assistive devices. Rehabilitation using robotics is generally well tolerated by patients, and has been found to be an effective adjunct to therapy in individuals suffering from motor impairments, especially due to stroke.

Research Experience

  1. Modelling, Fabrication, and Impedance Control of a Wrist Rehabilitation Robot , Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics, and Automation, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran (Iran) , 2017


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