Hydraulic Circuit and PLC Program Design for Ring Rolling Machine

Ring rolling is a specialized type of hot rolling that increases the diameter of a ring. The starting material is a thick-walled ring. This workpiece is placed between two rolls an idler roll, while another roll, called the driven roll, presses the ring from the outside. As the rolling occurs the wall thickness decreases as the diameter increases. The rolls may be shaped to form various cross-sectional shapes. The resulting grain structure is circumferential, which gives better mechanical properties. Diameters can be as large as 8 m (26 ft) and face heights as tall as 2 m (79 in). Common applications include rockets, turbines, airplanes, pipes, and pressure vessels.

In this project, the hydraulic circuit, and PLC program designed for Ring Rolling Machine.

Wed, 2013/06/19
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
Isfahan (Iran)