Work Experience

Research Assistant
S.A.A. Moosavian
Center of Excellence in Robotics and Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU), Tehran (Iran)
  • Modelling and Validation of a Spatial 8 Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Equipped with a 6 DoF Serial Manipulator
    • Implementing Different Control Method on Virtual Dynamic Model for Object Manipulation in Present of External Force
    • Shape Designing and Manufacturing Winch, Frame and Platform by Considering Kinematic and Dynamic Constraint
    • Calibrating Actuator, Providing Sensor and Actuator Connection, and Preparing Hardware in Loop Control System
    • Testing and Implementation Position Control, Modification Control Coefficient and Trajectory Planning and Decision Making in Different Maneuvers
  • Design and Control Analysis of Cable Parallel Robot Simulator
    • Inverse Kinematic, Dynamic Modelling, and Preparing SimMechanics Validation of Spatial 8 Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
    • Design of Cable Structure Attachment Optimized by Genetic Algorithm 
    • Mechanical Modelling Winch, Frame, and Platform by considering Kinematic and Dynamic Model
    • Simulation PD Partial, Feed-Forward, Modern, Feedback Linearization, Robust and Adaptive Control for Simulation Maneuvers in Present of Noise and Disturbance
  • Sub-Supervisor and Consultor
    • Control of Cable Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulator, Master Thesis, M.R. Mousavi
    • Optimal Motion Planning for Cable Robots with Uncertain Jacobian, Master Thesis, M. Ghanbari
    • Automated Ball Tracking Camera Manipulated by Cable Parallel Robot, Bachelor Project, N. Arteghzadeh and M.S. Nabipour
Research Assistant
M. Keshmiri
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan (Iran)
  • Joint Space Energy Optimization of Tethered Space Robot for End-Effector Optimal Path
    • Forward Kinematics, Workspace and Dynamic Modelling and Analysis a 4 dof Robot which is Connected to Space Shuttle
    • The main purpose of this project was to examine the planar kinematics and dynamics of a space robot tethered to an orbiting platform
    • Proposing a Nonlinear Control Algorithm of Redundant Robot Vibration by Just Changing in Cable Length
    • The model employed assumed that the tether is straight and rigid and that the center of mass of the system is coincident with that of the platform and traces a circular orbit around the earth
  • Modelling, Designing, Manufacturing and Controlling an Industrial 6 DoF Serial Robotic Arm
    • Kinematic, Dynamic Modeling, Stiffness, Workspace, Dexterity, and Manipulability Analysis
    • Design, Finite Element Analysis and Manufacturing Mechanical Parts, Links and Gripper
    • Calibration of DC Motor Actuator, Providing Sensor Connection and Preparing Hardware in Loop Control System by LabVIEW and Matlab
    • PID Control and Modification Control Coefficient in Different Maneuvers
    • Trajectory Planning and Decision Making by Programming an ARM-Controller

Kian Control Apadana Co., Isfahan (Iran)