Research Assistant

  • Modelling and Validation of a Spatial 8 Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Equipped with a 6 DoF Serial Manipulator
    • Implementing Different Control Method on Virtual Dynamic Model for Object Manipulation in Present of External Force
    • Shape Designing and Manufacturing Winch, Frame and Platform by Considering Kinematic and Dynamic Constraint
    • Calibrating Actuator, Providing Sensor and Actuator Connection, and Preparing Hardware in Loop Control System
    • Testing and Implementation Position Control, Modification Control Coefficient and Trajectory Planning and Decision Making in Different Maneuvers
  • Design and Control Analysis of Cable Parallel Robot Simulator
    • Inverse Kinematic, Dynamic Modelling, and Preparing SimMechanics Validation of Spatial 8 Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
    • Design of Cable Structure Attachment Optimized by Genetic Algorithm 
    • Mechanical Modelling Winch, Frame, and Platform by considering Kinematic and Dynamic Model
    • Simulation PD Partial, Feed-Forward, Modern, Feedback Linearization, Robust and Adaptive Control for Simulation Maneuvers in Present of Noise and Disturbance
  • Sub-Supervisor and Consultor
    • Control of Cable Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulator, Master Thesis, M.R. Mousavi
    • Optimal Motion Planning for Cable Robots with Uncertain Jacobian, Master Thesis, M. Ghanbari
    • Automated Ball Tracking Camera Manipulated by Cable Parallel Robot, Bachelor Project, N. Arteghzadeh and M.S. Nabipour
Sun, 2014/08/31 to Wed, 2016/08/31
Center of Excellence in Robotics and Control
Department of Mechanical Engineering
K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU)
Tehran (Iran)