Research Assistant

  • Joint Space Energy Optimization of Tethered Space Robot for End-Effector Optimal Path
    • Forward Kinematics, Workspace and Dynamic Modelling and Analysis a 4 dof Robot which is Connected to Space Shuttle
    • The main purpose of this project was to examine the planar kinematics and dynamics of a space robot tethered to an orbiting platform
    • Proposing a Nonlinear Control Algorithm of Redundant Robot Vibration by Just Changing in Cable Length
    • The model employed assumed that the tether is straight and rigid and that the center of mass of the system is coincident with that of the platform and traces a circular orbit around the earth
  • Modelling, Designing, Manufacturing and Controlling an Industrial 6 DoF Serial Robotic Arm
    • Kinematic, Dynamic Modeling, Stiffness, Workspace, Dexterity, and Manipulability Analysis
    • Design, Finite Element Analysis and Manufacturing Mechanical Parts, Links and Gripper
    • Calibration of DC Motor Actuator, Providing Sensor Connection and Preparing Hardware in Loop Control System by LabVIEW and Matlab
    • PID Control and Modification Control Coefficient in Different Maneuvers
    • Trajectory Planning and Decision Making by Programming an ARM-Controller
Sun, 2013/09/01 to Thu, 2014/08/28
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
Isfahan (Iran)